Old Science

by BirdWatcher

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released September 28, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Chris Jensen of Red Light Recording
Mastered by: Stephan Hawkes of Interlace Audio



all rights reserved


BirdWatcher Ogden, Utah

Just trying to keep it honest.

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Track Name: Alkali Lake (ft. Alfonso Belloso)
I don't throw stones at water,
to see the ripples I can make.
I want to skip to the end.
Do you feel the same?
Those boulders always drown,
and we put them in their place.
Son, you're living in metaphors.
"It helps pass the day."

Can you talk to me?
Talk me down from here.
I've been waiting for months,
but God damn, it's felt like years.
Were you waiting for forgiveness?
Cause you'll be waiting for nothing.
Did I ever know love? Did I give enough?
Did I ever know love?

Just because..
Track Name: Dead Talk
There's no comfort in a bottle,
and there's less in my head.
I haven't given up yet.
I just talk like I'm dead.

I feel alone in a room full of everybody.
I just want to move, these thoughts from this body.
It's just dead talk...

I'll see my way out.
So I'll see my way out.

Am I getting closer or just further away?
No one's asking me to leave, but they're not asking me to stay.
Track Name: Hope
You were more like cursive,
and I was just plain text.
Your lines they danced like fire,
each word as captivating as the next.
As if you had bent the frame to all of my small words.
Cracked the spine of my straight lines,
and they fell into a curve.
I swore I could feel your voice,
through the curlew you penned to your page.
I romanticized the harshest words,
that even my optimism couldn't change.
This is a letter of hope, and I hope it finds you well.
Keep living your life like cursive,
and let all your life's dreams set sail.

Remember me.
Remember us.
Remember how clean we are underneath all the rust.

There's still hope. Come find me.

There's still hope,
It's just so far away that I can't see.
There's still hope.
How will the world remember me?
Track Name: Drawing Shades
I'm not trying to be better than anyone.
I just want to feel better than I feel today.
I"m trying to be a better man,
but it's hard. Cause I got no words left to say.
It'll be the death of me.

How did it end up this way?
It'll never be, I'll never be the same.

If having friends is for the birds,
and they're all flying away?
I'll drink this away.
I'm giving up on circumstance.
I'm drawing shades.

I'm lost.
Where did I go wrong?
Track Name: Wildfire
I know the world, it's weighing you down.
My shoulders feel just as weak.
Can we forget the words of yesterday,
and remember how we used to speak?

I hope this song, it gets stuck in your head.
Like you've been stuck in mine.
I can't take back everything,
but by God I swear I'll try.
I hope this song, it gets stuck in your head.
Like you've been stuck in mine.
I can't take back everything,
but by God.. by God... I'll get it right.

If you search my eyes,
I swear I'm still there.
Would you come find me?

Search my eyes,
I'm still there.
Track Name: We Haven't Located Us Yet (ft. Jace Garner)
Where have I been?
I lost my truth.
Long live love.
Long live youth.

It'll shake you down to your bones.
It'll make your knees buckle.

Do you want to take a walk down this road with me?
Or would you rather not talk, or even speak to me?
Won't you speak to me?
Of where it all went wrong.
Speak to me, I'm all that I've got.
I need some hate in my bones to get perfectly alone,
cause to think how it could be? Just might be the death of me.
I won't dwell upon your name, or who you want to share your day with.
I just want you out of my head. I don't want to feel it.
I want the world to sweep me off my feet,
and to never meet another should.
Because I'm not quite sure I'll ever get to old for this.

One day it'll all make sense.......