The Luna Sessions

by BirdWatcher

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Bird Watcher's debut album!


released May 23, 2014

Produced and Engineered by Ian Cooperstein at DustGarden recordings.
Vocals tracked by Chris Jensen at Red Light Recording in SLC, UT.
Drums written and performed by Bryan Lee (Visitors/Heartless Breakers).
Guest Vocals and lead guitar on the track "Pilgrim" written by Ian Cooperstein (Visitors/Dustbloom/Guides and Braves).
Harmonies performed by Jace Garner (Wearing Thin/Dead Pilots)



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BirdWatcher Ogden, Utah

Just trying to keep it honest.

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Track Name: Chance
I've been dodging trains.
It seems like nothing around here has changed.
I've been traveling the world,
but it all means nothing if I can't hear you speak another word.

Is it fiction, or fate?
Just come home...
We'll talk about the mistakes that we have made.
You won't.
Track Name: Joe Kittinger
I wonder if the walls can retain the words that we speak?
Cause I want to know what you're saying when you're asleep.

Are you dreaming about the ocean, or a world in black and white?
Cause I'm in the other room just trying to get my head right.

Let's cover this town in wool, and warm the hearts of the defeated.
What's the point of giving your bones to the ones who never need them?

If these walls are talking, I hope they'll say something good for me.
Cause my age shows with my mistakes, but I swear I'm trying.. my darling.
Track Name: Keepin' Time
We were just moments in time you and I, on a watch that lost it's tick.
Counting minutes as seconds, replacing the future that had never been.
Well, I believe the dust can settle and we could be stored away.
While their wrists were getting bigger, we'll always remember the time.
Always bringing change around here, trading quarters for nickels. Mistaking the heart for a brain.
With souls as endless as the ocean, a tide forcing you into sleep.
So deep of a landfill with so much waste.
But here we are counting seconds as days.

We can't define... what once was wrong, it became so... right?

We keep our hands so still.
A broken motor to match your broken will.
I'm keepin' time.

Won't you waste away with me?
We've seen everything, everything.
Such small hands carry so much weight.
It's noon now but we live a quarter past eight.

Doesn't today seem like yesterday?
Track Name: Pilgrim ft. Ian Cooperstein
We haven't lost all of our strength.
We haven't been stripped of any of it.
We haven't lost true capacity,
to feed soul into the ways we speak.

Is anyone genuine these days?
Seems every words a sale,
I'm trying hard not to feel that way.
I want that perfect moment,
that quiet thought.
To take it all in,
look at what we've got.

Everyone I know to humble me down,
and everything I own to burn to the ground.
Won't you enjoy this silence with me?
Cause we could talk for hours but,
I'd rather just say....
Give it a while, this might sink in.

It's all opinion and saying that has lost it's charm.
My mind always wanders off but, it's to where you are.
Can we do what we feel? Separate the heart from head?
Can we make just one night real? Instead of living like we're dead?
No more talking about inspirations, or the sights of the world.
Instead we're talking about how we're all going to burn.
Track Name: Zeke's
A scope of the stars in the eyes of a man.
An orchid in the desert, if you know where to find it.
A soul within a chest that had given a reason for us to sleep.

We all have words of affection for the ones we have lost,
but we need more reflection on our own petty flaws.
We all have words of affection for the ones we have lost,
but it won't bring him back.

Sit down beside the memory of a man.
Beneath the earth, the warmest heart now has the coldest hands.